TUR Gallery

A picture library and information resource


Here, you'll find character paperdoll pictures of members, as well as any other information or content they wish to put along with their picture. This online members profile is for any of your characters that you wish to add.

This directory was made for all members of TUR to have a web presence for their characters and themseleves if they wish.

Please note: Members who have not been in clan TUR for at least two weeks will not be listed here.

Chose by the first letter of a member's name:

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The rules for having your character profile here:

*You may add as many of your characters as you wish here, but are only allowed to submit one once every 2 weeks.
*You may only request that your profile(s) be updated once every month. Corrections to errors or things that are simply WRONG on your profile may be requested at anytime.
*Don't ask that anything explicit or defaming of others be put in your profile, but you may put anything else there that you wish. A story about your character. A little about you, RL. Anything you wish others to see.
*You don't always have to request to be listed here. We(Outy or Skye), might ask if you'd like to be, but the same rules for submitting additional characters and updating your profile apply.
*If you want to add a RL picture to your profile, you must send it to me. The file can be no bigger than 80kb.

If you'd like to have your own profile, please look at the example template and see what information will be needed to create the profile. The "(Optional)" fields don't have to be listed unless you want them there. The (*Required) fields MUST be sent in to create a profile. Everything else, we'll handle. Once you've done this, send it in and we'll find you in-game to take a picture and hopefully have your profile posted soon. Remember, do not do any kind of formatting with your information. You can request it, but sending the information in code makes my job alot harder :)

Please don't be shy about getting a profile as this directory was made for you guys! Enjoy!

Picture Library:

The TUR picture library is composed of a collection of screenshots from all sorts of situations, events, quests, or the just plane strange.

The thing that makes this collection unique is all images in the photos were in some way whitnessed by, involved with, or run by TURs. We are very proud of the collection and more pictures are added to it all of the time. We have a lot of fun doing the things you see and hope you enjoy.

To cut down on loading time, the pictures were not placed in html documents. This means after you're done viewing a picture, you'll need to use the "Back" button on your browser to return to the category index you were looking at.

Come this way to: The TUR Picture Library

Member Photo Album:

This section of the TUR Gallery contains submitted real-life photographs of various TUR members.

Head this way to get to the TUR Photo Album.

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